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Use Nortec to discover outstanding team members from Pakistan at a cost up to 80% less than their counterparts in the United States.
A Digital Marketing Manager ready to start immediately.
We evaluate the existing skills, experience, and interests of our digital marketing team. Subsequently, we provide additional training in areas specified by our clients. Through continuous learning in various digital marketing tools and tasks, our team is well-prepared for the role. They excel in streamlining digital marketing processes, making it easy and trouble-free for our clients.

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Click the 'Start Hiring' button. Share details about the job you want to fill. Let's introduce ourselves and discuss the position you're looking to fill.
We start looking for the right people for your job. We'll interview and screen candidates until we find three who are a good fit for your role.
After we're sure we've got 3 excellent choices, we'll show them to you. Then, we'll assist you in setting up interviews with the candidates so you can pick your favorite.
When we successfully help you find a great candidate, you pay a one-time fee. This fee is 35% of the expected first year's salary for the candidate. We provide a 90-day guarantee with our service.

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82% Average Savings

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