Hey Accounting Firms, Maximize your profits with overseas talent!

Maximize your business potential with an 80% profit boost through a one-time investment. Our agency excels in finding top talent for BPO services.
Elevate your Insurance business with us, let's make it happen together!

Unlock remarkable talent in Pakistan with Nortec, providing exceptional staff for up to 75% less than US equivalents! Benefit from top-tier BPO services and cheap outsourcing, making us a standout among BPO outsourcing companies.

Top Talent

With an 80% savings, go ahead and pick the most experienced candidate for your hire.

Customized Solutions

Our Warriors from Pakistan determined your needs and design a solution that best fits your goals.

Excellent English

Candidates who meet our criteria are naturally fluent in both written and spoken English.

Common roles we provide Accounting Firms owners for Hire

Here are some positions we can fill with our Warriors

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Our Approach

What to expect when you work with us

Click on "Hiring" button, Share detail about your Business and Job you're looking to fill.
Our Warriors will search for the person that fits for the roles. Through extensive interviews and screening, we ensure finding individuals perfectly suited for your job.
Once we're Confident , we'll present them to you. Afterward, we'll assist you in scheduling interviews with the candidates, allowing you to choose your preferred candidate.
After successfully placing a qualified candidate, you will be charged a one-time fee, equivalent to 35% of the anticipated first year's salary for the candidate.

Useful References

Hire in The Pakistan

Discover amazing talent in Pakistan through Nortec, offering exceptional staff for up to 75% less than their US equivalents!

About Our Company

We started Nortec after a decade of hiring overseas Warriors in our own businesses

Client Success Stories

Explore our client success stories. Discover the roles filled and associated costs.

Ready to work together

We’ll find you amazing remote employees for up to 80% less.